Join our Goblin Calendar 2011!!!


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Hello my friends!

I might not have regular internet access yet, but i am too much of a Goblin not to organise the Goblin Calendar this year, given that last year's Calendar was so much fun (to me at least!!!). You may see what Goblin Calendar was like here and here

December 25th Daimona
December 26th Walladah
December 27th Shanazel

December 28th Walladah
December 29th Ariadne

December 30th Fotia
December 31st
January 1st Aniseteph
January 2nd Shanazel

January 3rd Mosaic
January 4th Amulya
January 5th Ariadne

I decided not to include January 6th, as this is a Goblin-free day!!!

Well, my friends, just announce what day you prefer for your Goblin trick!!
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I'll take the second. That's my brother's birthday and I've occasionally wondered if he had goblin blood...


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Girls, the Calendar has been updated!

Daimona i have registered your name for Dec 25th, as a reward for letting me choose a day for you!

However, in case you want another day or you think Dec 25th is too close a date, just let me know!

Only 7 days left available and just only 5 days for the Goblin Calendar to start!!!!!!
[I will pick one at the end]


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Any more goblin bellydancers out there?

should i despair?:confused: has everybody turned into a little angel?:) o no... we need tricksters in this world!:pray::pray::pray:


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I am fully capable of playing tricks on multiple days. Would you like to assign me an extra if all other former goblins turn out to be wearing halos?


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Yes, of course, Shanazel!

Which one you want?

I have not chosen yet, as i am looking forward to newcomers!

So, pick up a second date of the Calendar!

Thank you so much!


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Done! Merry Christmas!

I also registered my name for 26th to make sure we have a trick, but there are still several Goblin days left! Anyone else?