Join the Goblin Calendar 2012!


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According to old Greek customs, Goblins:naghty: are cutting little by little the trunk of the tree on which the world is based:shok::shok:. Just before they cut it entirely, Christmas day arrives and the Goblins are free from the underworld and they come to live in our world for 12 days, till January 5th!;) In the morning of January 6th, the waters and the entire world are blessed again and the Goblins hide again in the underworld, but the tree of life has now fully recovered:D. During the Dodecameron of Christmas, the Goblins are making jokes all over the place, they steal the pies and christmas candies, they mess up kitchens and they are leaders in upheaval! :naghty::dance::clap:

THen, we bellydancers, have a Goblin calendar where we offer treats and jokes to others, this time expressing the tricksters and teasers we hide under our demure kaftans and veils;)...

Join the Goblin Calendar 2012! keep Goblins busy being prepared for the upperworld holiday, so that they forget to cut the big tree of the world down!

December 25th Ariadne

December 26th Shanazel
December 27th Daimona
December 28th Aniseteph
December 29th Walladah
December 30th
December 31st
January 1st Shanazel
January 2nd
January 3rd Mosaic
January 4th
January 5th
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I am also willing to wait until the last days- I have no particular attachment to the day I chose. :)


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Come on my friends! it is obvious that the world will not end today

and the Goblins are still working on packaging for the holiday season upstairs!

Join the Calendar, for the Goblins' sake!


I'll take a day (doesn't really matter which one after 25th as I've got a full program this day).


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Please, pick one, Daimona!

I can choose one for you, but there are so many availalbe, it is fair that you choose yourself!


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I'm in, don't mind which day but not 25th or 26th. Or 2nd Jan as I have to work that day :(.

(now I need some goblin-y inspiration....)


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Thanks, Daimona! Aniseteph, do you want

December 28th?

or any other day, if you do not want this one?

Anybody else?

Come on, there is a bellydancing Goblin hidden somewhere at home!


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I am writing one more comment

to bring the thread on the first page again...

We are 2 days before 25th and we have not enough Goblins! please, this is an urgent call for all bellydance Goblins to support the calendar!

With all my Goblin love!


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Done, Aniseteph!

Anybody else? We have plenty of Goblin days, even Christmas day is open, in case you have a trick!


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THanks Ariadne!

I have opened the thread already, so you are most welcome to post your Goblin treat!

Anybody else who wants to join, there are plenty days available too!


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5 days of the Goblin calendar are still available!

One has been asked for by Shanazel, then we have 5 days for Goblin dancers!