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I play this game on another forum and really enjoy it thats why i am starting this game here i hope you all enjoy it. The game is simple

Choose a word . Take the last letter of that word and make a new word starting with that letter. Repeat

I am starting with this word




Considering the forum, I think that arabic words & general bellydance terms should be allowed. I'm guessing that names are disallowed from the above comment?
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Belly dance terms are allowed, but can't say about arabic words at least i can not understand them. Yes offcourse names are also disallowed.


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It may be a task to come up with pure English words because so many of them have been adopted from other languages, but here goes.

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The English Language is a language made up of many foreign languages, and continues to evolve all the time, so what exactly is the English language.

And Khanjar is a knife in arabic and Indian, and features as a recognised word at Dictionary .com

But for a website such as this, where West meets East, crosses over and back again, in word games, expect words from languages most of us here are familiar with.


Oolite ( a stone described as egg stone in geology) and that word comes from both the French language and the German language before it was adopted into English
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