learning from books and videos

What would be the best one for someone who has only started learning from this angle and is listening to the music as well I have had no formal instruction in this area. I even have found other articles on the web sites that are available to learn from, where do I go from here?


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I'm one of the least experienced people here but I'd say you just HAVE to find a teacher sometime.

But in the meantime .... I think one good way to use videos is get some from differently oriented teachers. I'm going to make a plug for Rachel Brice's Drills and Yoga for strength and just a great way to learn your body, it's not dancing though.

Another I have that I love is www.shimmywithsuzy.com - it's Canadian and totally different - it does progress to some dance combos and it's probably traditional enough to please our friends Demelza and Aisha ;)

I've used them both along with having an instructor and doing drop-ins with various other instructors in the area just to see what's all going on and both videos have really helped me gain muscle control and pick it up quicker in class - and not learn bad habits by myself.

Get that instructor as soon as possible though - and look around You Tube to see the variations.


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I agree. I started with DVDs as well, but my form still needed tweaking when I started with my teacher. I really don't think you can learn from a book, at least not without seeing someone do the move first. It's amazing how fast you grow as a dancer under the guidance of a good teacher. Check your area to see who has the most experience. Shira's site and this one have a regional listing of teachers. Godd luck!

Aisha Azar

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Leaning, etc.

Dear Johnnyebelindabewley,
As the other resppnders say, it is extremely important to have a live instructor, especially when starting out. They give you the clues to do movement correctly, let you know when you are really gettng it, and give correction when needed. I have an instructional video out and on it I let students know that they should have a live teacher to help them with it if possible.
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I second Aisha all the way !!!
But sometimes life deside different for us.
Maybe its the distance, maybe sometimes there is not any good instructor around us, or it could be the money issue or the time.
In this case, i recomend to find DVD's that have the respect of the whole bellydance community (because many DVD's are for rubbish !!! ).
So just check over orientaldancer.net, the threads with the favorite's DVD's.
The most votes, go for it.
Maria Aya :)