Lectures, homework etc.


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Hi everyone :)

From different threads on this forum, I get the impression that some of you get lectures during dance class, or written material or even homework.
In my dance lessons, the teacher only gives oral information and for the rest we dance. Is it normal to get written material and homework? Or is it more something advanced students get?
Hi Moon, Good Question! At our school we follow the oral tradition. Sometimes subjects related to the dance comes up spontanously and other times class discussions are a part of the overall lesson plan. We usually will give the students a written copy of a choreography as they are learning it.
I notice however when I attend a seminar, ther are usually some type of written material so the participants can refer to it once the seminar is over.


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I can only speak from my own personal experience, but for the most part, regular weekly classes are mainly dancing. I will give some background on things or answer questions in more detail orally, but there generally are not handouts week to week. I *do*, however, give out a little syllabus, if you will, at the start of my classes (mainly has my contact info, any pertinent information about the class schedule or class policies that they'll need to know, online resources, and, for the beginner class, some "getting started" tips.) I also have a password protected page on my website where students can log in to see a couple of general handouts, article links, and (late in the session) choreography notes for the piece the class is working on for a hafla, if applicable. I don't generally give homework...well...unless you count off hand remarks like "see if you can practice your shimmies in line at the grocery store this week." ;)

This is more written material than my instructors gave--my dance training was primarily dance and some bit of oral explanation or discussion on occasion. (The majority of reading and lecture I received was through my history major and personal research.) I don't generally, however, require reading etc--I just make it available to the students.

From time to time teach some specialty classes that do actually involve a combination of lecture, coaching, and dance, and that involve the students working toward some kind of goal at the end of the session. In those cases, a.) I set that expectation up front (in the course description), b.) there are usually a few more handouts or resources specific to the class, and c.) I may give "homework"--steps or milestones or activities to help the women keep move toward the final goal.

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Clase materials, etc.

Dear Moon,
In both class and in workshop situations I try to give both written materials and verbal info about the dance, history, culture, etc. The notes are about the dance/cultural/musical/costume elements when appropriate, anda bout movement. I think that info in the hand is a great reminder and can also be consulted when in doubt.My students usually have notebooks that they keep class notes in.


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Thanks for replying ladies.
It's good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't get any written material. However, I think it would be nice to get some once in a while (especially in a workshop situation). Maybe I should ask my teacher once how she thinks about it.


Hi Moon,

I also pass on info verbally throughout class time as we are dancing etc. But I also give a lecture at the end of class after cool down. Short and sweet about 5 minutes and the topic of that lecture is in a hand out they can keep.


I throw in verbal instructions and commentary as we are dancing. We don't stand around much in my classes, though students are welcome to hang out and talk for a while after class. I have minimal handouts, no more than a couple a semester, and homework is merely to practice what was learned in class in order to be ready for the next class. If anyone is interested in pursuing cultural studies, I suggest various options. I keep thinking I will write a bibliography sometime, but haven't done it yet.


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I just started in an extra class focused on performance. There we got homework: make a choreography, think about this and that, feel and try to express the music etc. Have never got homework in my normal classes but since this is kind of extra and focused I think it's great.


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During the regular weekly classes we don't really get the theoretical part structured, but our teacher always explains about the choreography and/or style she is about to teach. And we discuss a lot of questions that just naturally spring up during the classes.

With special workshops there are different things. Some instructors ask you to do some pre-work before attending, some provide handouts on spot. But usually there is more of talk than in regular classes.