Lets be strong !!!!!


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Hi all dear mates!!!
Dont really know whats happening in orientaldancer.net yet (waiting e-mail feedback from Salome and Anatoliy) but from yesterday wierd things was happening.
In any case and since our beloved forum had been hacked a month ago lets stay strong, keep posting and be connected with this lovely community of dancers and teachers and lovers of oriental dance, that found a sweet home in this forum.
Love to all
Maria Aya:)


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Yeah it seems that there has been lots of forum craziness going on. I'm just happy to see my favorite place to chat about bellydance still up and running!


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Maybe we can copy some stuff from the old forum :)


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what kind of weird things happened? Good grief, I'm gone for a few days and come back to this total chaos. :confused: Hey, look, the smilies are different....


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I am so sorry for whatever happened at the old site,I had been away a little while,I am just happy that the forum still exsists,and such a strong community will build once more i am sure.:)




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I'm sorry to hear you had some bad experiences with hackers :( As one of the owners/admin of another internet forum (with a totally unrelated topic) that has had similar experiences I can totally sympathise.

Kudos to you guys for rebuilding!


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I had a little trouble posting to this thread. I had to re-log in after I wrote up my little post.

Hackers...who needs them? Let's keep the faith going!



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The email I got from the admin., said this forum was hacked into by a group who says bellydancing is 'un-Islamic'. Sorry we're such a threatening bunch, boys. I'm glad to see this website up and running and intend on posting here much, much more.