Look what's coming up in December!!!


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OKay, dancers and friends of dancers: I've done the hard work for you. Choose a day and sign up for the Advent Calender! See link below.

1 Rosa Parks Day, Pie Day and Eat A Red Apple Day
2 Special Education Day, Fritters Day
3 International Day of the Disabled Person, Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
4 Bona Dea's Day, Cookie day, Wear Brown Shoes Day
5 Faunalia Rustica, Ninja Day, Walt Disney's Birthday, Sacher Torte Day
6 St. Nicholas Day, Gazpacho Day, and Mitten Tree Day
7 Pearl HArbor Day, Cotton Candy Day
8 Brownie day, Take It In The Ear Day, Hannukah begins at sunset
9 Ballbearing roller skate day, National Day
10 Festival For The Souls Of Dead Whales, Human Rights Day
11 Noodle Ring Day
12 Poinsettia Day, Ding-A-Ling Day
13 New Moon, Cocoa Day, Ice Cream and Violins Day
14 SOuth Pole Day, National Bouillabaisse Day
15 Bill of Rights Day, Lemon Cupcake Day
16 Las Posadas, National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, Beethoven's Birthday
17 Underdog Day, Maple Syrup Day
18 Eponalia (a favorite of horse lovers!)
19 Oatmeal Muffin Day
20 Mid-summer Eve,
21 First Day of Wnter, Look At The Bright Side Day, Flashlight Day,

22 French Fried Shrimp Day,Hamburger Day, Hum bug Day22 Date-Nut Bread Day, Thermometer Day
23 Roots Day
24 Christmas Eve, Egg Nog Day
25 Christmas Day, Invicti Solis, Pumpkin Pie Day


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Noodle ring day - the mind boggles! So do we get to make rings out of noodles, hope they are cooked then we can eat them:lol:


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Wow Shanazel, what a big task! Great idea though :)

I found a few more:

1 World Aids Day
2 Fire Alarm day (1st of advent)
7 International Day for civilian airtraffic
9 Anna's Day/Traditional Day for tasting of the Christmas beer, Gingerbread Day
10 Nobel day (Nobel prize day)
11 Tango Day
13 St Lucia Day
18 International Migration Day


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I loved the idea of St. Lucia Day from the moment I read a children's story about it when I was about eight. Always wanted to be the girl with the crown of candles but it wasn't the kind of thing we did in my childhood family.