Love this dancer, Malek from Brazil !!


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Thank you for sharing, she is a great dancer. It was a pleasure to see a "real" dancer with soft and beautiful moves, great sense for the music and also feeling in the dance. I really enjoyed watching her since there are so many lousy clips with lousy dancers who dance at a proffesional level. I could also tell by her dance that she is Lulu's student :p . Hope to see more clips like this in the future, thanks again.


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Waw she's really great!! I really enjoyed that! Thanks for the link Maria!

*sigh* I wish I could dance like her!! Unfortunately I dance more like the Russian dancer in the clip Zahiraah posted in another topic :eek: LOL


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Just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that video clip, its all dark and stormy and icky here... that helped to brighten my day :D