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hello i am totally new to belly dance. i have been wanting to for some years finally decided to take the plunge. just learning basic techniques from an instructor LIVE i like my class. any ideas how i can look pretty without spending a lot of money just to dance in the class. also hate!!!!! diets but need to lose weight. any tips andno ASPARUGUS!!!! love your site


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Hi desire, welcome to bellydance and to the forum. Perhaps if your teacher allows it a hipscarf might be nice?


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any ideas how i can look pretty without spending a lot of money just to dance in the class.
Mouse it's right. A hipscarf is a must. If you don't have a lot of money you can still look pretty in class. Fisrt, don't worry about your weight. Second, usually accesories make the look. A nice pair of earrings (matching the tone of the coins in your hipscarf), some bangles, a couple of rings (a nice toe ring too). Those little details usually go a long way. And last, you can make sure to match your leggings, skirt, harem pants or whatever with you top. Some girls go to class wearing missmatched clothes. If you want to be the fabulous one make sure to match whatever you're wearing. Make sure that even your hipscarf matches accordingly. For starters you can use black clothes, a colorful hipscarf and accesories matching the coins. Later on you can buy more clothes, accesories and hipscarf ;) . You can end up with a nice wardrop just for class :cool: .

And BTW, welcome to the forum.


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Welcome girl !!!!
Its great that you started in a class, you will get a great basis.
Now about the appearance;)
Ask first your teacher if she allows long skirts (many teachers dont, cause we need to see your legs;) )
So a long skirt, or a harem-pant, with a simple coin belt, and a top above is the best outfit for a class room.
About the dieting-loosing weight etc, check the beauty sector of the forum, you can find there many many ideas.

Maria Aya Greece:)