Lucky costume for sale

Costume of white chiffon with spraying, embroidered in various shades of pink and green. Material: beads, sequins and acrylic stones. Includes top, skirt with belt and two armlets.
Additional questions on my e-mail
Price $280
Videos in costume

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Farasha Hanem

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*admires your hair* 0.0

Oh! Sorry! The costume is very pretty! :redface:

Wish MY hair was that long! 0.0

EDIT: I'm so sorry, I'm not trying to spam your costume thread (your costume is pretty), but does your hair go all the way down to your KNEES???
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No, that's the cover. The lining is what you put on the back to protect the bra from sweat & general wear & tear. It is usually removed after a few years of wear (or a few months if the costume is in high rotation)