M.A.C. Cosmetics event in Connecticut needs dancer


Hi all,

got this in my inbox and thought I'd pass this along if anyone is interested...

M.A.C. Cosmetics Stamford,Connecticut Mysitcal Mist Event

I am in the process of organizing an event for Saturday July 15th at the M.A.C. cosmetics store in Stamford,Connecticut town center mall 1:30-5:00 (during busiest hours)and I am hoping I can utilze a dancer's services for a creative idea that I have been brewing in my mind for the last couple of days! I am currently the Product specailist and Viva Glam chairperson for the New York Region and it is my duty to create and organize events that would bring customers into our stores. The theme for the day is titled Mystical Mist and I am hoping to find a 2nd volunteer belly dancer and a donated fog machine (hence mist effect)to be the limelight of our sales day! Unfortunelently I will not be able to compensate with money but I am allowed to give you $100.00 worth of M.A.C. products, lunch and I will assign an artist to apply make-up on you for the event and I am personally extending my hand out to you as a make-up artist for one of your up-coming events, If interested please do not hesitate to contact me so that we can further discuss this special occassion!

Peace and Prosperity
Nafeesah Hope
203 348-7100 M.A.C. Store Stamford