Madame Abla costume on eBay


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If I was a couple of sizes smaller I'd have bought this already and it wouldn't be on eBay. Buuut I'm not, and there it is, in all its retro vintage-y styled lushness. You even get to wear your own comfy bra under the top rather than be tortured with buckram or whatever they put in costume bras. And great for a little more coverage but still looking bedlah-ish. Please someone give it a home... :pray:


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WOW! that is gorgeous, it definitely has the drool factor - sadly it is too small in the top for me:(


I see "everyone" is complaining about it being too small.. but what are the measurements of it?
(Unfortunately UK size 10-14 doesn't say anything to me..)


As much as I want an Abla, it's the cups that do it in for me. B-C will not accomodate E no matter how nicely I beg it to. ;)