Male Belly Dance Competition...

Farasha Hanem

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I guess you mean this cutie????
He is just AMAZING !!!
Last week was jocking with Prince Kayammer about when Ali grow up !!!
God bless him, and keep him safe and healthy :)
Was impressed with the freedom he have on stage and how confidence he show's !!
Enjoy him

80 I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THESE VIDEOS!!!!! 8'D I had them on my bellydance playlist, but then someone removed them. :( I'm glad they're back up, I'll add them again after work!!! :D

EDIT A FEW HOURS LATER: WAIT!!! :shok: He DID grow up!!! :( *cries!*

But he's even MORE amazing than EVER!!! :shok:
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OH NOOO they deleted it!

prince ali baba
Thankfully there is another version of that video in a different channel there it is, that is Mia Shauri. And now I'll just be prepared to download her videos just in case they delete more of them ><

Farasha Hanem
ohhh I'll look for videos for sure!