Mastoum Mastoum


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Anyone have the lyrics or the drift for this oldie?
Hi Salome! I use this song often for my Persian clients and they LOVE IT!
It's a Persian Folk tune and this is the link I found with info as well as info that was shared with my by Denise & Pat Olsen of Pangia (their version on Pangia Vol 3 is sooo pretty!):

Mastoum Mastoum

The following partial translation of Mastoum, Mastoum was sent by Robyn Friend, the well-respected performer of Iranian music and dance.

Yek goli sa ye kamar taze shekofte Na dassom besh mirese na xosh miofte

There are more dialect versions of this. It means "There is a newly bloomed flower on a waist; neither can I reach it, nor will it fall on its own". It refers to an unrequited or impossible love.

The chorus:

massom massom massom tighat boride shassom.

"I am drunk, drunk, drunk. Your blade has cut my [something-or-other]."

I'm checking with my Persian friends for a more in depth translation & will let you know when I have one. I hope this helps!

Blessings, Shadiyah


Dear Shadyia,

I'd like to dance to this song and wanted to get some insight so thanks so much for that! And if your friends have something to add I am all ears.