May 25-28 2012: Folktours Music and Dance Camp in New York!


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Today (4/30) is the last day of the extended pre-registration deadline for Folktours Middle Eastern, Dance & Music. Arabic, Turkish, Romany, Tribal, Gypsy, Bellydance, Boot Camps NYC, PA, USA, TURKEY | Early-bird registration is $375 and includes EVERYTHING. Best bargain out there! And, even for the full price, it is a total steal.

Folktours is a long weekend of dance and music classes with fabulous instructors, followed by nights of live music with amazing musicians. Dance instructors this year are all the best in their field, and include among others Nourhan Sharif, Aszmara (she is not too well known, one of the best instructors and most passionate performers, she alone is worth the price of admission), Ashara and Alexia, as well as Tayyar Akdeniz (award-winning folk dancer from Turkey and a fantastic teacher) and Ibo Tunc for folk dance. The musician line-up is even more impressive, it includes among many others Ossama Farouk, Sami Abu Shumays (of Zikkaryat, he teaches maqamat), Souren Baronian and Rachid Halihal (Eva Cernik's husband, a Moroccan oud virtuouso).

Some people may have heard of hickups with the new venue last year: I am happy to share that the Folktours crew has worked hard, and this year we will again have the good food and accommodations Folktours is known for. I have heard rumors of some new features that make for an even better experience, and I am looking forward to breakfasts out on the porch, overlooking the woods! Another very important feature of the place is that one can reach it by public transportation. It's about an hour outside of New York City.

Run, don't walk to register!!! This is a wonderful event, it is my annual "pilgrimage". Great dancing and the best live music.
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