Mediterranean Music Online Radio Broadcast


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Well, a collective created a non-commercial, non-for-profit, educational radio station on the internet,

and asked me to undertake the Mediterranean music broadcast, which is every Friday at 21:00-23:00, greek time (+2 GMT). Sometimes, there will be unscheduled broadcasts, like the one on last Saturday night, that i had no time to let anyone know about, as i was assigned with the broadcast at the last moment.

Anyway, my scheduled broadcasting hours are 9-11 in the evening and of course by the term Mediterranean i mean arabic, turkish, gypsy, flamenco, greek music and generally music that is around the Mediterranean sea or made under influences by the Mediterranean cultures (yes, i play american tribal music too!).

THere is a page of the Mediterranean music broadcast at FB where all scheduled and unscheduled broadcasts will be announcedΣκληροπυρηνική-Μεσόγειος-Hardcore-Mediterranean/665807170144446

or you can find it if you search facebook pages with Hardcore Mediterranean (that is the name of the broadcast show). You will find it on my FB wall as well.

Comments, critique, advice on music are mostly welcome. Moreover, i welcome musicians and bands particularly those which are unsigned, if they want to send me their work for broadcasting.

PS/I hope the thread is in the right forum section!! if not, please, the administrators transfer it where it should be.


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How wonderful! Congratulations to you. Can I access the program without having a Facebook account?


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Yes, of course!!!

How wonderful! Congratulations to you. Can I access the program without having a Facebook account?
the facebook page is just for having a stable webpoint for the broadcast, to make announcements for the public or to receive feedback and comments!

You can listen to the broadcast just with an internet connection at barflyradio
no registration, accounts or anything else required. The radio website has a contact form in case you want to send a comment (no registration required, only an email account). But i will not be able to access it during the broadcast. Only afterwards can i read messages.

but to listen to the music, you need nothing more than internet connection.


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More news about radio shows with mediterranean music!

First, my show in has been transferred to Wednesdays midnight greek time, and it lasts 2 hours as usual. Which is +2GMT time, i think this is easier for people in US to listen (Asian listeners might have a problem though).

There is one more at
held Sundays at 15:00 greek time (+2GMT) which makes it evening for Asia & Australia, and morning for rest of Europe & West American coast. East Coast might have a problem, i am not sure. However, this second show is recorded and after the radio website is ready, it will be probable that past shows are available to listen online anytime.

Both shows are in greek & english.