Morocco to give TWO workshops in Athens


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World renowned dancer/teacher Morocco in Athens, October 25th to 29th.
I've already posted about her 11-hour weekend workshop, for advanced students and professional dancers/teachers.

Because beginners-intermediates were calling me all the time saying "won't she give a lesson for us?" , I convinced to give another, shorter, workshop, for all levels, on FRIDAY OCTOBER 17th in the late afternoon: 18.00 - 21.00
It's not going to be a choreography, but it will focus on correct basic Egyptian style technique, reviewing the differences between Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish and American styles - a much needed clarification for most of us!
Minimum number of participants: 10 people. Maximum: 22 people.
Cost: 50 euros. Same day: 60 euros. Call 210-6717529 for details.

Tomorrow Friday is the last day of the early-bird discount for the 11-hour weekend workshop. Until Friday evening, it's 150 euros (under 14 euros per hour!!). From Monday onwards it's 170 euros (15,5 per hour, still cheap considering WHO the lady is and the prices some "nobodies" ask for!)

Waiting for you there! Will be a chance to meet and chat too..



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:D la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa
I'm gonna be there, and same Chryssanthi thats coming from Germany for the International Dance Congress !!!! Same as our most beloved bellydancers and teachers from all around Greece (Malek, Efifilly, Athena, etc), we wont miss the chance to study with Morocco.
Ireneeeeeeeee pls if you can make it, on Friday night (i know its late) we are organizing a Ghalabia party for all the people that will come for CID and are into Oriental Dance. More than 10 teachers will dance (me also :rolleyes: ) at the Egyptian Restaurant Alexandria at Anavissos (i know its far away snif).
Hope to catch you up in the madness of next week.

Maria Aya


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Galabeya party

Dear Maria,
when you say "Friday night", do you mean Saturday morning? LOL! Because performances at the CID conference are from 19.00 to 23.00, so I suppose nobody will reach Anavyssos before midnight!
I'd love to be there, even for a little, only I'm afraid that next morning I won't be able to drag myself to the CID to watch some of the interesting proceedings and most of all I won't be fresh for the workshop at four in the afternoon... On the other hand, it's a wonderful opportunity to meet and greet, and see you dance, since on Friday we'll be at the Shantom workshop until nine so I don't know whether I'll be able to catch you and Erifily's show. You have to tell me how to get to that restaurants. It seems to be "at the mother of the devil", as we say in Greek. And I don't own a GPS!!

Are we supposed to all wear galabeyas? (No problem for me, due to my size, I almost always go around dressed in galabeyas, but just asking).