My belly debut


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a saturday like most other saturdays, waking up, cleaning house, looking for anything that can be incorporated into my belly dance class. I come across some of my mom's sari blouses and next thing I know I'm trying them on. A beautiful tourqoise one fits almost just right. It's a bit too lose and the sleeves have hideous gathers at the shoulders. My sister gives her approval and since I am running late there is not much time to analyse the situation.

A quick iron as it is rather creased, some borrowed jewellery from my sister and of course a big t-shirt to hide it all as I get in and out of the car.

I arrive at class and without too much thought I remove my t-shirt to reveal my less than perfect belly. I felt a bit awkward for the first 10 minutes or so but soon it was okay and I was even able to look at myself in the mirror.

In a community where women are encouraged to cover their bodies and in a society where perfection is deemed to be a flat belly, it is nice to know I have a space where I can be who am, imperfections and all.

If nothing else, my belly debut has improved my dancing as there is no place to hide incorrect posture or badly executed moves.


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So nice to read :)

I've been dancing for four years now, and I only got over the bare-belly-fear about a year ago. Now I wonder how I could ever see what I was doing, all covered up :)


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Dear Veldflower, that's wonderful:) !! I've been dancing for three years now. And though I do perform with my troupe wearing bedlah with nothing covering my belly, in class I don't dance with an uncovered belly. I wear something tight to show the movement instead.