My first joint Choreograph!


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This is my first dance that I choreographed with another person. Over a total of 9 hours spread over 2 weeks Caitlyn and I choreographed this. Then due to my travel and our time schedules we only had about 3 hours of total practice together for it. The rest was us just practicing it on our own. I have to say that it turned out pretty well considering that we didn't get much time to practice and drill it. Only two mistakes on my part, one over step at a section at the end and the other was me not eating for 14 hours and I almost fell on stage cause my legs were wobbly. :doh:

I am starting to get into critque mode now so if anyone has any feedback and suggestions on where I can improve I would love to hear it. I have to work on my arm movmenets when they get lifted above my head and also I think put more work into doing my walking camels. I lost form in sections. I do wish the video was zoomed in closer so that I could study my facial expression. That is one major weakness and I've been working on improving it.

LOL Also have to say I LOVE how blingy and shinny my bindis are in this video. I made custom ones for both myself and Cailtyn.
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I'm not a fusionista so I wouldn't know where to begin critiquing you on that, but I thought you both looked very polished and had lovely clear, crisp moves that worked nicely with the music.


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Those turns around yourselves at 2:46 are so cool!
I think you look good and remarkably together for so little practice time :clap:

The only small things I could think of was that your head movements seem a little stiff. Especially when it's a proper move, like the head roll. Also at some other place in the dance I can't remember now. You seem to be holding back, which makes the move a bit "blah" as opposed to the effect it can give.
Also in some places you seem to cut your movements a bit short. In the slow walk at 0:42 you look like you have a small pause in the middle of the step, to wait for the down-hip. I think you could milk the moves more to make it more gooey and together and make you not lose the energy and confidence in the transitions. (not saying you lose confidence, just that you look a bit insecure for a split-second here and there.)

I hope you can use some of what i said, and that it doesn't come across as harsh as that is not my intention at all. You were great and I'm sure it was so much fun to perform together, right?!


I disagree with gisela - I liked the pauses. They built the tension for me.

I guess it just goes to show that two people can take two very different things away from the same performance.:)


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You both have good points. Originally our plan was to do a very slow constant reverse maya and then drop down suddenly on the drum beat. One of the problems I noticed as well, and is now on my to work on list, is that I still progress moves to fast when they need to be slower. Most of our dances are medium to fast movements and I need to train myself to really slow down and isolate the moves. However having the other point that the pause looked good in there as well will give me thought.

Stiff head roll! I will examine and work on that one. One of the issues I have been finding in realtion to this is that all the hair assessories add weight to the back of my head. I did find when performing that it makes head rolls more difficult becuase it seems to me that it requires more muscle strength in your neck and also presicion control. I probably had about 3lbs of stuff in my hair that night. I will have to examine how other tribal dancers do head rolls or if they do them at all. I don't want to do head rolls improperly and hurt my neck. I also have no idea how to go about builing muscles strength in my neck?


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Well done Diana (both of you), I like the slow moves & pauses. The pauses give it "spice" (flare & a little drama:) ) emphasising the instrument. The only thing I can comment on is the head rolls, (this is a personal opinion & coming from an Egyptian style dance background) Some how to me they didn't fit the piece, Others may disagree, I feel head rolls need some hair movement to add drama or emphasis to the music. I don't recall Tribal or Fusion dancers doing head rolls before ... maybe I just haven't seen it:) Anyway I think a leaning snaky S shape Both of you moving in opposite directions would possibly fit there and give a little more flare. Just a thought:)


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I'm too much of a traditional girl to give you any technical feedback, but what I most liked about the performance as a whole is that sometimes you did the same thing and sometimes you were doing a different move or doing the same move but in different directions. In other words, it wasn't just two people up there essentially doing the same solo. I hope that makes sense! My favorite bit overall was around the 3:00 mark when you did the box step thing.