My first performance

Midnight Siren

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So, I had my first performace during the weekend at a Hafla. It was actually for professionals and teachers. I have only been dancing for about 5 months so I was really pleased to be able to perform in a tribal group that I recently joined as we were invited to do so ( I think perhaps to show local talent or perhaps because it was different to anything else performed). I wasn't going to volunteer but I must have felt brave at the time.

I also do egyption bellydance and my teacher was there performing at the Hafla and it was so nice as she told me I have done really well and made me feel that I was ahead of what I should be and that it can take years to learn to dance... Just wanted to mention it as I feel slightly smug and have always suffered low self esteem. So, if there are any newbies reading advice is to go for it!!! :D


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Awesome! Great job and congratulations. I am a newbie of about 2 months give or take. Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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well i'm a newbie but i dont think i will ever be a performer on the most basic level. its not me. i'm hoping in time maybe i can do a choreography for at least my friends, but i doubt it.


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Congrats Midnight Siren, I'm glad it went well! :dance:
I'm a newbie too, have been dancing for about 3 months now. I'm considering dancing on my boyfriend's birthday early in May. He hasn't seen me dancing yet, so I think it will be a nice surprise. I'm not sure whether I will be brave enough to dance in front of his friends and family though.. but fortunately they know nothing about bellydancing, so I doubt they would notice if I do things wrong :lol:


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Congrats Siren :)
And bravo for your teacher encouraging students to start dancing!!!
There is always a first time for everything so now you are passed that and you can focus more on studying more and more for better performances.

bravo again

Maria Aya:)


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Our group started the first lesson ever in December last year and began to practice for performance two months ago.

And we had an 'awesome" event too in the last night of March.

It was the first time ever a belly dance group performed here and it drew really a lot of attraction. We were so happy to receive very good comments. It was really a lift of burden because before the performance we had big, big pressure as only 2 in 6 of us had ever performed anything (for them, salsa, not belly dance) in front of a crowd.

Phew, now I'm encouraged to practice harder and harder.... :D

Let's perform!!!!