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Hello my friends!
i have finally managed to transfer to a blog most of the videos i had posted on my FB wall the last 5 years and it was impossible to manage in a creative way. The blog has a search machine where you can use keywords to find stuff you are interested in.

I collect videos i like very much or videos i have or want to study, or which they have something that is important to remember or to research more. Some are videos that i have found by chance and i might not be able to re-find in the huge amount of info youtube has nowadays (let alone that some videos have arabic titles). So, videos with music are scarce - but i will post more in the future.

For the moment, the keywords are simple, like the area/country or culture of the dance/dancer, the name of the dancer, the style, the props used, etc. Words like raqs sharki and bellydance do not exist as keywords because it seemed too generic to me. but you can find, baladi, shaabi, saidi, tribal, muwashahat, vintage, golden era, etc.

Moreover, to my greatest delight, i can finally present any good video of local bellydance forms in greece, you may find it under the tag "tsifteteli" or greek (greek might appear also in the videos of Kitty Fotsaty, because she was of greek origin, although her style was egyptian). More to be added in the future.

My blog page is

Any comment, correction, advice and recomendations about the easy use of the blog would be mostly welcome.



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That is so awesome! Between my shows I usually sit backstage with my phone and watch videos... I think I'll be going through your blog during the next upcoming weeks! :)


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It looks really interesting Walladah, and I'm going to have a good browse when I get a minute or several.

You've got Nawarra on there! I was at one of her workshops just the other weekend - she's one of our favourite teachers at our local(ish) hafla/workshop, so much so that the organisers regularly get her to come a couple of hundred miles for us. Fantastic fun, very knowledgeable, amazing performer and a brilliant teacher.


Great job, walladah!

Have you considered using a tag cloud (see "widgets")?
It would give the readers an idea of which keywords to search for.