My Very First Performance!


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Congratulations, you are good!! I really enjoyed the perfomance. Your technique is good ,shimmies and hipwork is great (just look how the audience responded!) you smiled and looked like you are having fun. I also like the way you move your hands. I try to imagine how you felt on stage... wow!!
As a beginner , I wish my first performance will be as good as yours!


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Lovely performances, and great job! For a beginner you're doing amazing. I do have a comment about two things. The arms, you did a lovely job with them most of the time, but I would practice holding them slightly closer to your body and also looser...if that makes sense? Sometimes while watching you I felt like your arms were a bit stiff, the second is echoing Zorba's comment about being in a hurry. Take your time, enjoy the music and don't get pulled into the 1..2..step mechanism of a choreography, bellydance is first and foremost about improvs or at least giving off the vibe of improvisation, so next time try and slow down a little, feel every move as it goes with the music.

I hope that helped and would love to see more of your performances :)


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Very noice.

I liked how you kicked it up a gear once the scarf dropped.

And the last 20-30 secs was superb. ;) Some great moments. Keep it up!