Need Advice for a Belt Design

Indigo Shimmer

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So I have this idea for a belt design. I saw a dancer on the Gothic Belly Dance Dvd I have that is wearing this "belt" that's not quite a belt. It goes around her midriff right underneath her ribcage has lots of flashy dangly things and really accents her flutters. I was thinking of crafting such a thing. I may be just a beginner but my teacher has really been complimentary of my flutters and this idea would just accent them. The problem I'm having is that the dancer on the video is tall and thin and I am decidedly NOT! I am also a little shy about showing my square belly and I was already thinking of getting a body stocking. \

But my flutters are really good for someone of my experience level and they're in my solo and iI want to make sure that everyone can see what I'm doing.

Any ideas suggestions?

Indigo S.


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You could use kuchi chain or something similar to show off your flutters, the belt that that dancer had sound really unique! If you were thinking of a body stocking anyway what about if you could some how incorporate her belts flashy dangly things directly onto that?


"The Veiled Male"
I'm not totally sure what you're talking about, but make a "test mule" and try it out.

One of my instructors wears a beaded chain around her midriff that she can move up and down at will. She's progressed to two of them, and can move them independently!