need some advice!


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Hi there belly dancers!

first of all i must start this thread by saying dat i absolutley love belly dance, its a part of me and to give up dancing is to give my soul. i cant and i will never stop!
iv been dancing for about 2 years now, but my problem is dat i havent really learned d proper way... 90% is thrue watching other dancers and picking up moves from them... also i go out a lot (lebanese style) so i dance when i go out. but mostly i dance at home whenever i put d music on (witch is almost allways :) )

ok, iv posted 2 clips on youtube of me dancing (very light clothing....only cos its veeeery hot, i mean d weather haha, so no need to comment on dat one.. i know how to dress properly) but just tell me what u hate , what u love, whats a no no....and what i should add or get rid off.... u know what i mean.... please help me... i really want some critisizem......
thank you heaps...

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

mwah mwah...