Never had so much fun!


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during a performance!

My very first solo-fly(aka, it had nothing to do with my class) and workshop bellydancing with the greatest audience/participants ever! It was in a combined home for people with mental handicaps and old folks from the former colonies.
The old folks found it fun but the people with handicaps went nuts(in a good way:D) Even during my opening performance I already had an unplanned co-dancer and when I invite them to join, they rushed towards the belts. They loved the dance, the music and actually, some of them did quite well! Others not so much, but they had a great time hopping around.

Afterwards I heard from one of the leaders that she had worked there for a long time and this was the first time she saw one of the girls smile for real. The people themselves even asked me if I would be willing to give more lessons. In their own words 'you can dance with feeling and it`s relaxing and fun'

Just wanted to share this experience, it was freaking fantastic:dance::D:clap:


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That's awesome!!!! Good for you for giving back to your community, and good for you for having fun doing it! :)


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Sounds like a whole lot of fun:clap: good for you, being able to give these people such a wonderful time


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thank you all, I seriously fell in love with bellydance all over again, those people proved its a dance from the soul!

@greek bonfire: too late, I think this was the drop!:D