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Hi, my name is Amanda, I am 18, and I live in Kentucky. I am new to bellydance, I hope to start lessons soon (I don't think there are many teachers in my city though). I have been interested in dance for a long time, but I have only recently started learning about Middle Eastern dance. I hope to learn more about it here.


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Welcome Amanda :)
You can find here 1.000.000 info about oriental dance and they are needed same as lessons.

Maria Aya:)
Athens Greece


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Hey Amanda, from another Amanda over the river in Indiana :)

Where are you? Or what city are you close to?
Kentucky is FULL of secret bellydancers ....

Check out too, and join us this year in November for our workshop with Habiba of Philadelphia.

Welcome to the insanity/obsession/hobby of bellydance!


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New from Hanoi

Hi, I'm living in Hanoi and just started the first belly dance lesson 4 months ago.

I am one of the 6 girls in a brand-new belly dance group. Actually it's the first group ever in Vietnam. Except the 6 of us, many others are beginning the first lesson now too. Hopefully people get to know belly dance better here soon.

Btw, I'm struggling with doing snake movement. It hurts and it looks awful! :mad: