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Hi Ladies & Gentleman,

My name is Geoff & I'm kind of new but not new to belly dancing. My Mom who has really been my fitness partner since I was probably 5 (We both LOVE exercise videos!) has been belly dancing for a good 10 to 15 years. For YEARS she tried to get me into belly dancing but I never had an interest. I'm not going to lie, I had a lot of what I'm assuming are common miss-conceptions about it. I thought it was a different form of stripping, overly flaunting sexuality, and so on. And obviously I had ABSOLTLY no interest in doing it let alone seeing her doing it.

About two months ago I got some DVD's off of ebay and one of them was Kathy Smith's Belly Dancing video Flex Appeal. Out of pure curiosity I decided too look at it and it kind of changed my perception of belly dancing a bit. I started looking at it more and looking a videos on youtube. And while I think it is a bit sexual, but in a tasteful way, I began to like it and asked my Mom to teach me a bit. Trust me when I asked her she just about dropped the phone!!! She started teaching me and I began watching her perform and also gained a new appreciation for belly dancing and her talent.

She and I do belly dancing once if not twice a week, and I'm still VERY new but I'm really LOVING it!I Love the movement and the freedom, I also like that I'm getting more in touch with my feminine side, and for lack of a better term my inner woman. However, some of the music I can do with out (LOL!!)




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Welcome, Geoff. Congratulations on your raised consciousness. ;)

You're leaving California, Zorba?