New Roman dance dvd by Elizabeth Strong!!!!


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thanks for posting this. I ordered it as it adds to my specialized collection. its nice that DVD's are becoming more focused on areas that many of us do not have access to normally.


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Anyone ordered it yet? Review?

Funny, I was just about to start scouting for reviews of it. Curious if anyone here has it in hand and can comment on the quality.




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bump. Anyone? I've heard good things about this DVD on a blog but I have yet to find an actual review.


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I got it in the mail and from what I've seen of it, I like it. First of all it has a DVD and a CD. The CD includes the music with the song to the choreography. The DVD is broken down into foot work, belly work, arm-work and putting it together. I"ve watched the footwork part and she is quite clear with it and includes lots of practice. There is a part towards the end with extra practice. The one thing I remember from the foot pattern is that she talks about which beats you are moving on. If you like I'll sit down tomorrow and do a proper review.
New Roman Dance DVD

Hi Teela, from what you wrote already it sounds good. While there is a comparison between this one and the Raw Roman on Bhuz; the site is too big for my poor old dialup and I can't get into it. Are you able to do any comparisons on them? That would be great if you could. Creaks