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Hi all. I've been reading for a while before signing up. I started belly dancing in January, 2006 when menopausal changes started putting weight on me. I rented a dvd, did it one time and had muscle spasams in my neck for 2 days. I thought that maybe I should take a class. Wow, what a difference. Live classes are the way to go. I still use dvd's between classes, safely now that I know how to do it right.

I did a performance for my husband on our anniversery. I think that he was expecting a comedy act, 5 seconds into my performance the smirk was off his face and he was looking impressed and amazed. I'm working on the New Years Eve performance now. It will have 2 beginner choreographies and 1intermediate. I'm finding the intermediate choreography to be challenging and fun. My husband now encourages me to practice and he is requesting a halloween performance. I'll do a repeat of the 3 beginner choreographies from our anniversery performance with different costumes.

My first public performance is scheduled for january. A class performance. I'm excited. I can't wait. Oh, and I've lost 10 lbs and I have a crease in my tummy when I do umi's :D

I started dancing for the excersize and kept with it because I discovered that I love the dance ;)

This forum has been helpful in a lot of ways. I'm learning about the different styles and costuming that goes with each style. The music descusions alone will take me years to read.

I thank all of you for posting such helpful information.


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Welcome girl :D
You are already hooked;) lol, continue enjoying, dancing, learning, reading, and start posting !!!!!!

Maria Aya, Greece


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Welcome Shimmys!! Nice to see a new Oriental dance addict around here:D . Happy posting, reading and dancing!!

And good luck on those performances (by the way, the tummy crease is pretty cool ey:lol: ?)


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hello shimmy's,

miss shimmy
ahhh pretty.

welcome to the forum.

so glad to hear you are from st. louis, my friend takes lessons in st. louis.

where are your lessons and who is your instructor, if you dont mind me asking? .


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i've already forgotten her teachers names but the studio is owned by st. louis dance academy. they rent out studio space to AALIM for belly dance class.

i've attended a few times to observe. i was impressed by her instructors. the first time i went the teacher was at a workshop, i do believe, and the "student" that filled in was amazing.

my friend attended the suhaila salimpour workshop just recently. she was excited about that. she's gone to a few of her's and was psyched. i was supposed to fly back for it but i waited too late to reserve a spot. but i'm new and i dont know if public humiliation is something i'm ready for. :shok: .
I did not attend the Suhaila work shop :( I had to work at the job that pays me real money Friday and Saturday. The workshop I wanted to attend was the Jamila Salimpour style workshop on Saturday. One of my instructors, Kelly, attended and she raved about it! You don't have to wory about public humiliation, everyone is watching the instructor and looking just as much like a beginer as you are. Don't sweat it, dance, dance, dance!


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this is true. sometimes i think i'm so special :rolleyes: and the attention is all on me :cool: . lol

thats too bad that you couldnt make it but i think she comes to st. louis once every year. maybe next time.