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Hello everyone. My name is Salma, but my friends call me Asal. I was born in Alexandria and moved to Canada when I was 2.

I have dance since I could walk Did ballet, Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics and so on in my younger days and then moved into Hip Hop, AfroCarribean, Salsa, Merengue and eventually Belly Dancing 10 years ago.

I have been performing at weddings and special events for the past 2 years but have been teaching a combination of Hip Hop/Salsa inpired Belly dancing for the past 5 years.

I have never bothered to join any of the interenet forums because to be frank I was never aware of them until a student of mine mentioned it.

I would like to say that I feel very proud that Belly Dancing has gained the reputation and has such a large appeal to so many cultures. It is this open mindedness that I feel joins us all not only as Dancers but as Great human beings.

Thank you creating such a wonderful and user friendly site and I look forward to meeting the wonderful members on this site.

By the way if anyone lives in and around Toronto, the second annual Arabiana festival is on this weekend. Come join us.

M3a elby,

Assal (Salma)


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Hi Ya Assal. Nice to have you here. You are going to love it in here. I am checking it 2 times a day or 3. o.k sometimes 4. I am geting addicted:).
Happy posting, Alaya


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Welcome to the forum Assal, how wonderful to have been involved in dancing since a very young girl.

Sounds very interesting, 'hip hop-salsa inspired bellydance. Sounds fun as well:D


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Ahlan wa sahlan ya gamila !!
Greek father here, italian mother, Eskandaraneyia grandmother, living in Greece!! but born in Australia !!

welcome in this forum, its really very interesting and informative!

Maria Aya, Greece:D
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