New Year Resolutions


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A couple of days early with this ....besides the regular resolutions of losing some weight and quitting smoking I'm going to try and focus on the Beledi for a whole year. Another BD related resolution is to learn to play the zils one handed on the non dominant hand...As I'm lined up for an operation on my lead hand this might be easier tan it sounds.... Anyone else want to share? ..All the Best to Everyone in 2016.... Jim


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I haven't really thought about it yet beyond my usual annual resolution to not wear a metal breastplate in an electric storm while standing on top of a high mountain peak holding a spear and singing Ride of the Valkyries. I've kept that resolution for years- decades, even- though I add details from time to time in order to keep it fresh.

Following some health issues that lasted about 18 months and only recently resolved, I suppose my goal this year is to get back on my feet physically, regain my muscle mass, and perhaps even start dancing again, at least in a minor way. Even though I've been able to teach during that time, I've missed dancing myself.


Next year I've decided to refill my well with another dance form, and not be super picky about it either. I'm doing burlesque at a local dance school even though I KNOW it's geared towards bored housewives and is really 'sexy jazz dance', I don't care. I'm doing it anyway.


I don't have much in the way of dance resolutions, but I have a couple of choreographies that I'm made a feeble stab at starting, and I want to get back and finish them soon. So I guess I resolve to do that.


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My general resolution is 'get enough sleep'. Without that, nothing else will stick.
I have been struggling ever since moving to a new town for my partner's job, meaning I now have a long commute to my own job, and also can't get to regular bellydance classes any more. Getting a solid 7-8 hours sleep a night despite now having to get up at 6:30am every day is the first step to rebuilding my life, getting fitter and stronger again (I've not had time or energy to exercise since moving), getting back to some kind of proper training schedule, and eventually starting to teach again and building up a dance community in my new area.


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Hugs, sympathy, and encouragement to you, Roshanna. May everything work out beyond your fondest imaginings.
I'm still struggling to formulate my New Year resolutions. For various reasons I'm not doing any dancing at all right now, except for social dancing with my husband. That's still moving to music - but it's not the same as dancing in my own right, or dancing in a group of friends. I'm really missing it! I don't have the privacy or space to dance by myself at home either.

So my resolutions are to work on my fitness and weight at the gym, so at least - if I ever manage to get back to dancing - I won't be a total blob.


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I never bother with any sort of resolutions new year or otherwise, I never stick to them, or a I talk myself out of them or change them so dramatically even a magical unicorn couldn't keep them:lol: