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Hello all, morning/afternoon/evening to wherever in this vast globe of ours....only started belly dancing a couple of weeks totally hooked, cannot get enough of it, anyway am 51 years young!!...decided to do this style of dancing as have been learning flamenco for the past 2 years or so, and wanted something not quite so rigid in performance where I could loose myself in the dance....can hardly wait to get on with the lessons am having two a heres hoping.....the sites with the costumes are oh soo yummy, can see its going to cost a small fortune once the techniques etc are mastered...oh to dress up and feel glam and hopefully sexy!!! looing forward to chats etc...ttfn x


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Welcome to the forum! I'm 50 and the best is yet to come!

So glad you found the site, you'll love belly dance!
Hope you enjoy all the great information here, looking forward to
your posts!

I love flamenco-difficult to get classes in my area. (Massachusetts,US) I was able to get a good flamenco dance
dvd series from Spain, but I would love a live class.

Don't forget, hula is fun too! Its my favorite workout when its
snowing here!:)

Best wishes!

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Welcome Asheba :)
I just love it that you decided to enter the wonderfull world of oriental dance.

Happy reading - posting - dancing

Maria Aya Greece


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Thank you all for your lovely greetings, the belly dancing fraternity seems to be so nice and friendly, no rivalry just women with a love to express themselves loose themselves in the music and the moment, bring it on more and more...............:)