night of the sultans


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nice vids can't find much about this group though i love the music to.. sadly i don't understand turkish.. if anyone can help me find out more about the dancers that would be great


Night of the Sultans there website not very helpful
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This is German group so you cannot find much about them in Turkish ;)

Anyway this is just one copy group of original Sultan´s of the Dance which these days dances with name Anadolu Ates - there are several other groups too with similar shows so it is sometimes difficult to know any difference:rolleyes:

This is however spectacular stage show even though I think that "bellydance" parts in any of these groups are the worst parts and "lead bellydancer" is very ungraceful and stiff but perhaps she just does all her movements that way so they can be seen at huge stage (somehow her dancing reminds me of Shakira)