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Oh! By the way Zorba,

One of the organisers of Majma who initially opposed the presence of men at the festival has now opend her new festival to men (Sirocco festival)
I was very surprised to see men there but it seems she had a good think and actually changed her mind.
Her turn around was a man who started going to some of her classes and was a student of Aliya Birch. It really made her think and now she says 'welcome!'. People really can change if they are open to it. :pray:

Holy Smoley!! That man is me!! Alas, Aliyah doesn't teach any more - boo hoo for all her old students. But, Wow, I made a difference? :dance:


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Dunno why I got this - I don't remember signing for updates, but I'm glad I did. Thanks.

HOWEVER (one of my fave warning words), I have continually stated from Day One the truth/ fact (NOT "opinion"!) that Raqs Sharqi is a FOLK & social dance *&* even though they don't always act like it, men are folks too - & get even more opportunities to get up & dance "Over There" than women!!!

The "women only"/ "harem sisterhood" (yeah, sure!) stances are well-meaning but myth-based. Pity.

You can read lots more about this in my book. It's out. Go to: Welcome to Morocco's Meanderings

Your truth-telling (& some call me "crass" for being truthful ... oh, well...) Aunt Rocky