No more Zildjian Zils...


"The Veiled Male"
I've noticed that Zildjian Zils have been increasingly hard to find, and they've disappeared from Zildjian's website. I finally sent in an email to Zildjian, and got this reponse:

Hi Zorba,
Unfortunately, we discontinued the dancer’s zils a few years ago. I would recommend trying to find them used via an online marketplace.
Sam Borek
Zildjian Customer Care

This means those of us who have them have something precious indeed, and will be passing them down to future generations...

There are still some in the supply chain, and as I recommend these above all others, you may want to consider buying a set.
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"The Veiled Male"
What?!?!?!?! I am shocked!!
I don't get it - but I guess what with our current nadir of BD, they just weren't selling enough. I found several sets in the supply chain - everybody seems to be selling them off for $49. I'm certainly going to mention it in my Zill class tonite - "now or never"...


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I sold mine to Farasha years ago. Sigh. I miss her. She's over on FB, but I don't like to go there.


"The Veiled Male"
I have THAT SITE blocked at my firewall, I block ALL incoming links from it to my own website (since ca 2004), and I give it exactly ZERO credence. "Good information"? Sure, and people flush good things down their toilets on occasion too but I don't swim in the sewer looking for them. As far as I'm concerned, THAT SITE and others similar to it - coupled with their smartphone delivery system - is the greatest evil of our day. A Goebbels wet dream.

But I won't get started... ;) :D