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EEEI! I'm so excited I'm litterally bounceing off the walls right now! I'm starting belly dance classes next month! OMG!

Ok. Now that I got that out of my system XD

I'v always wanted to learn to dance but thanks to my alternative lifestyle tradional classes have never really been an option. I don't call myself Nomad for s&g's ya know. I live in a small RV and have been roaming the country for the past 5 yrs just livin it up in true hippy style.

Recently though I seem to have lost my damn marbles! I somehow got this crazy idea in my head that college would be a good idea! Imagine! I don't know what came over me to put such a scheme in my head. This first semester has been torture! pure torture I tell you! I had to be at a specific place at a specific time EVERY DAY! Oh gods, the horror!

But me being me I've been trying to find the silver lining in this dark dreary cloud, and i did! I had an epiphany. Now that I'm stuck in a single localized geographical area for the next year or 2 I can take dance classes! woot!

I'v signed up for classes with the teacher at hourglass studios in Corpus Christi, TX Hourglass Bellydance - Hourglass Bellydance she's actually got classes that fit my schedule(hiss! boo! dirty word!) At least till the tribal teacher in the valley is open for enrollment again in spring. And it can't come soon enough! I hate cold weather!

Iv definately got bellydance on the brain right now though @_@ I'm so impatient for class to start that i'v started working on a 10 yard skirt and choli to occupy myself with till then. Not that I intend to wear them to class mind you...well mabey the choli if it dosent turn out a total disaster, I'v never made anything so close fitted before..

Okay, Okay! I'll stop rambling XD I admit that delurking might be another shameless ploy to keep myself from going stir crazy while i wait.... So yeah... Hi!


Oh! And if anybody here has any suggestion for teacher in south Texas i love to hear 'em. like to know all my options ya know?


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Welcome to OD, Nomad.

So- you live in CC, hate cold weather, and can hardly wait until it warms up in the spring? I grew up in Kingsville and remember those bitterly cold south Texas winters. I now live in central Wyoming.

Excuse me for a moment.


I'm back. Enjoy your sojourn on the south Texas coast. It has some great features.


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A "warm"
to you & welcome to what just may become a lifelong passion - the dance.

I can imagine how "timetables & schedules" must seem claustrophobic right now. But I am sure college will pay off in the end & once you can get your excess energy focused into the dance (wall bouncing will cease :lol:) - you'll be happy you took time out from your travels, which sounds amazing by the way. One day in the future you can always hit the road again if you feel the call of the road, & you can shimmy your way around the country:D


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@ Zorba- Thank You!

@Shanazel- Ugh. I can't imagaine. It was bad enough that winter my Mom dragged me to Delaware, freezing my ass off in an converted garage without a heater! And they said it wasn't a 'bad' one T_T I bet inland states are even colder!

I spent a lot of my childhood in Texas and most of my Dads side of the family lives here. I love it here, despite my wandering it will always be home ^^

Actually though I don't live in CC. I did find an awesome job in CC at a skating rink, I get paid for any session I show up for no schedule, works out great! I go to school in Harlingen(south rvg). I just boondock anywhere inbetween if I don't have somewhere to be, there's enough wallmarts, rest stops, and national shoreline that there hasn't been a problem at all this semester XD Sides! the surfings better during the winter anyways!

@ Mosaic- Ah! You tease! :p You caught me though. I'm totally going to school to further facilitate my travels(less living from gas tank to gas tank, more where do i want to go today) My degree will be in turbine technology and on the side I'm getting licensed as a ENSA Safe Access and Rescue Instructor. With those 2, where there's a wind farm there's a contract job ^^


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I lived in or near El Paso, Brownsville, Kingsville, Texas City, and Texarkana plus some other non-Texas places. I was a Border Patrol Brat. :) Relatives all over the state.


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I miss warm weather super jealous that you are in Texas especially after I got slammed with a blizzard dropping almost a foot of snow in one and a half days. TTnTT Maybe I will move to warmer weather again.
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Welcome! Glad you could join us and even more glad that you are so excited about classes.