Not new, but I'm back!


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Hello ladies, remember me?!

Well, been away in India dancing but now back in London and LOVING being home, although I had such a blast in India!

Thought I'd touch base with, see who's still here, see if I've missed any long running debates on what is/isn't bellydance, male belly dancing, etc!

Did anyone bring some baklava?


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Yaaay Eshta, welcome back!!! *hugs* :D
I was wondering about you the other day I hadn't seen you around for ages. Agree with Reen, bring out the stories and pictures, so nice to see you back again!!

*pulls up lawnchair and hugs popcorn bowl*
(the weather's mega hot around here hehe)


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Eshta, honey! So glad to have you back. Let's drag out the baklava, chocolate, champaigne, and whatever else sound good to you!


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Welcome back and don't forget I have magazine reades who'd love to read all about it! Never miss an opportunity, do I?;)

Farasha Hanem

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One mega-huge order of bahklavah coming up! *huggles!* :D

You're not the same Eshta on Twitter that keeps forgetting her performance pants in the laundry, are you? :think:


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Welcome back, Eshta, good to see you again! And I agree with others, before you dive into the heated debates and baklava, share your stories from India.

Just kidding, you can dive into baklava first ;)


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Lol, well I did write a big long ol' post summarising the highs and lows but it disappeared when I tried to post it!

I guess in summary it's an amazing country with a wonderfully generous people, and it was amazing to get the opportunity to do what I love full-time. Some of the shows we did were beyond compare!

The lows involved coming up close and personal with the assumption that "white skin" + "dancer" = "prostitute". An equation made worse by the fact that there are a LOT of "dancers" from Russia over there upholding that stereotype. By dancers, I mean they are in a cheap homemade skimpy costume and writhe around briefly before offering 'other' services.

It did make me appreciate how GOOD things are back home. Sure, there are still many Shakira wannabes, many people wanting to exploit the dance for money, but at least there are also a lot of dancers trying their hardest to treat the dance with integrity. There is a whole wave of new dancers coming up who are getting better and better.


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That's the whole new meaning... Im sure she meant trousers... LOL!!!!
Nope, I meant the things I wear on the most intimate level!

Performance pants are hugely important!! They have to have good coverage, feel comfortable, and not cheese slice through the wobbly bits. I swear I wore the same pants for pretty much every performance for the last few years (they were saved only for performing), and only in the last few weeks where I've lost so much weight have I traded those in for a new pair :)

Ah man I could start an entire thread on the importance of good knickers for performing in!! A very neglected topic I feel :lol:!

That reminds me, performing tomorrow night, better check the laundry situation...!