Not so famous Egyptians but great !!


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When we think the golden era of Egyptian dance or the time later 70's and 80's we have some BIG names in our mind (at least the average bellydancer that like egyptian dance) such as Samia Gamal, Taheya Carrioka, Naima Akef, later Fifi Abdou, Nagua Fuad, Mona Said, Suheir Zaki.
Same time as these Goddeses of dance existed many others also, that was great but their names (only) was a bit back.
The last weeks I'm watching their video's and decided to share, hope you enjoy and as we dont know much (in western world) about them, pls if someone wants lets educate us :)



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Dear Maria,
I feel the same way about these dancers. They are as good as all those famous golden ear daners. I love gigi Mustafa, what a gutsy dancer. Hanan is sooo elegant and poised. It took a while for me to like Nelly Fouad. Now I am a big fan of her. Her teahinque and spins are awesome!! Tks for the posts. I have been watching these dancers for sometime and they are all my favourites. It would be nice to know more about them.



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They are great clips!
Gypsy will perhaps be the one to expand or fill in the gaps here.
Clip number 10 was the actor Mahmoud Abdul Aziz and the song was by Sami Ali (I think) The whole album was banned in Egypt (after everyone bought it)
I love this piece of music, it is very naughty and funny.

Clip 2
The film Khally Baalak Min Zouzou starring Souad Hosni and Tahia Carioca.
The film is about A old Almeh who teaches awalim how to dance and spplies them for weddings etc. her daughter (Souad) is in university and she falls in love with a man from a good family and is ashamed of her mother. (a bit like the story of Stella Dallas.

Clip 3
Is it Zizi Mustapha (looks like it to me)

Clip 4
Dont know

Clip 5
Darb El Howa A film that was also banned (as far as i know)
It was about the relationships between the girls who lived a bothel pre revolution (In the time of King Farouk)

The last two are Nelly!

Aisha Azar

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Dear Gang,

The first dancer looks like Sahar Hamdi and she used to sing Tgennen with Sami Ali all the time. It is her on the version released in the U.S. about 20 years or so ago. Janaki, I have clip of Nelli Fouad when she is an older dancer and she was ssssoooooo great!! She is also one of my very favorite cane dancers ever.
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Fantastic clips maria thankyou for posting! I love that last nelly clip particularly. Is Nelly Fouad Nagwa's sister? The set looks like a nagwa set.


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The clip no 4 shows Hala Safy. She is better known dancing folklore with Metqal Kenawi and his groop.


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The clip no 4 shows Hala Safy. She is better known dancing folklore with Metqal Kenawi and his groop.

Hala al Safy's one of my favourite dancers, I saw one of her videos with Metkal Kanawi and I was hooked.
Hala retired in 1986 after having a dream where the Prophet (PBUH) appeared to her and covered her hair which was loose. She now completely rejects dancing and public performing and refers to the time she was performing as dancer as a period when 'the devil controlled my life'.


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What about Nahid Sabri? I have one very old grainy clip of her. Has anyone seen any footage of her on Youtube or anywhere else? She was popular in Egypt around the same time as Nagwa, Souheir etc and her style shows many similar influences.


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Does anyone out there have any clips of Jodette dancing? I hear she was in some movies... but have never seen her in any of them....(I think she used to be called Camillia in the movies) I worked in her office in trade for classes in the 70's for a short time....

"While in Cairo, Jodette went on to appear in over 400 hundred movies as an extra and in over 100 movies with small speaking parts, often with Fareed Al Atrash, Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Katie, Samia and other now famous actors and dancers. Such movies include “Kariat Al Osha” (Village of the Lovers), Benat Fil Patinag (Girls in the Skating Rink), Arba’a Binat fil Ginena el Haywanat (Four Girls in the Zoo), “Fi Sihatak” (To Your Health), “La Anam” (I Don’t Sleep), and “Du el Mazahaa” (Beat the Drum)."
from:Sausan writes of her teacher Jodette for the Gilded Serpent


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Thanks so much for sharing videos of these lovely ladies! Nelly is very graceful, she is just as talented as some of my favorite Egyption Belly dance stars! Now I'm googling Egyption belly dancers who where not famous, my favorite dancers playlist on youtube is getting bigger & bigger! ;) If you know of any more please share them.