OK, this has passed from a someday fantasy to reality....yikes!!!


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I did my bellygram last night...birthday boy was surprised all right!! I changed my routine to sword because the hostess said she wanted me to do it in her back yard near their fire pit. I had visions of my veil catching fire so I did sword instead--when I took it up, one of the guys sitting next to the birthday boy actually ran away! (and Gia, I think 60 times without dropping it is the new bare minimum :))

Congratulations :clap: : You're officially a bellygramer :dance: . You just gave me a very good reason not to do veil in a birthday party, your visions made me laugh so hard. Imagine doing a bellygram for a 65 years old with the all 65 birthday candles lit?

And that guy... Oh man, you have to be careful with swords too. :redface: