Old photographic slides on eBay


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Someone (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/twojoestreecare2013) is listing loads of old vintage photographic slides of belly dancers on ebay. They look like 1970s American style, and I wondered they might be of any interest to anyone as far as ID'ing the dancers goes.

It also amuses me because of the tag he used for all the slides. Sexy and exotic is in the eye of the beholder, but the nudity is wishful thinking and/or false advertising - all the dancers are respectably-costumed. I am especially not seeing any sexy exotic nude belly dancers on this one:
(perfectly safe for work except for the tag)

(i tried to add the pic but it wouldn't work :( )


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What, a guy in a suit doesn't pass for a sexy nude belly dancer in UK?

Ah, well, as a long term belly dance afficionado I spotted the error immediately of course, however even the uninitiated Brit would probably not be fooled. If they were, costuming could be so much more, er, dull.

Oh, Gus Vali did the Navel Academy (ha ha :rolleyes:) record. And loads more... I feel a surf on YouTube coming on.