Performance Pet Peeves


Sounds like you have the perfect body for foofy skirts. Am I ever envious!

Find balance first, then elegance. I know it sounds odd (and I'll probably come under fire for saying it) but good balance is more important if you want to dance gracefully.


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Shan, I think it's because of the way I'm built. My hips are SO wide, and if I'm not wearing really wide legged pants or a full skirt, keeping my feet close creates a very odd and unflattering line. I need to keep at least about 6" between them to get the graceful, well balanced look that most dancers have.
Ah, gotcha. :D That's actually not so far part. I was thinking wide, like a foot and a half- Sumo wrestler style, y'know?

Ooooo. New fusion style: Sumo Belly Dance. Imagine the costuming.
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