Performing at a western wedding


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Hi everyone!

I've been performing for a good seven years now but never been asked to perform at a wedding before. I've recently been asked to perform at one and it's in just two weeks!! :dance: The couple are from the UK and are musicians, without much knowledge of belly dance as far as I know and they haven't given me any guidance. They've simply said "you're the professional, we'll leave it up to you", which is both lovely to have freedom to be creative, but rather scary as it's their special day and I want to make sure they love it... :pray:

I wondered if anyone has any tips on belly dancing at a wedding?

My best costume is white... would that be a lovely compliment to a wedding or a terrible 'up-staging' of the bride? :confused: And any opinions as to whether including a western track in my set would be tacky or fun/welcoming to an audience who are unfamiliar with belly dance music?


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I have done western weddings and I do what I usually do for other events. Ask them how long they want the performance to be for, do they want one set or two with costume change. You can ask if they have colour preferences for costumes.

The white costume, I don't know, since I never owned a white one I never had that issue. Maybe other members here have a good insight :)


If the ceiling of the event is high enough and you are familiar with raqs shemadan, perhaps that could be an idea?


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Hi ladies!

Amulya, they've asked for half an hour of dancing, and I'm still trying to get the details but I expect it'll be in two sets- really don't have much guidance! I've asked about the colour scheme and what colour the bride will be wearing, but not heard back yet... And thankyou for the welcome! I was on here a year or so ago but can't for the life of me remember my old username or log in!!

Daimona, I so love the idea of Raqs Shemadan and the venue does have a high, non-flamable ceiling... But I've never done Raqs Shemadan before, not sure two weeks is long enough to master it! Must get that under my belt for *hopefully* future weddings :)

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If you haven't done shamadan before, I'd say don't do it until you are competent, lots of things can go wrong, and if the audience/bride and groom are not used to it they won't know what you will need to know beforehand (i.e. fire regulations, air conditioning - all these type of things can make shamadan difficult.

Wings of Isis are nice for weddings, I know they are not traditional but western audiences love them as they are romantic, just make sure you've got space to dance! They make a good entrance piece.

Personally I would avoid wearing white, leave that to the bride. Just about any other colour (but black) is great, especially if you can colour co-ordinate with their wedding colour scheme.

Half an hour straight out is a long time to dance, so make sure they are definitely wanting 2 slots, and there is somewhere for you to change/wait. Try to find out if the bride or any of the guest are likely to join in as this can be fun (if they are musicians is sounds likely).

If you know the venue, a phone call to them to check things out can be really useful (the bride and groom won't always have all the answers, they have enough to arrange anyway). :lol:speaking from experience as I have my daughter's wedding tomorrow!

Best of luck, just try and enjoy it. I love dancing at weddings, my favourite gig.