Performing in London


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hey everyone... hope everyone is well.... salam oualeeeekoummmm hehe
just wanted to let you guys know ( not that u should care hahaah) that im performing in londonat the end of next month (march 29) at the darbucka venue organised by planet egypt...
my 2nd time there and i can hardly wait ....
for more info please visit
PLANET EGYPT: London's only monthly bellydance showcase
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Hi there Ioanna :)
Enjoy enjoy enjoy, Anne White is a great organizor and the whole event is like a celebration for Oriental Dance.
Thank you also very much for all your advice for my performance on January.

Enjoy and have fun

Maria Aya:)


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I;ve never bin to London, too big. I was in shock over the pics in where do you live of Athens! It's Huge!

Hope it goes well. :dance:


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performing in london....

hey ya sarah and miss shimmy .. thanks for your posts .. sarah i live in the center of athens....really can't wait to get there .. iwas there again last august and it wasa great experience .. got to dance infront of hossam ramzy and serena...:dance:
hey ya maria ... thanks .. but i dont remember ever giving you any advice on ur perfomance with planet egypt .. maalesh ...

"when u dance ur not just a woman but ur the dance it self"


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wow,how it must be to live in Athens,I have visited greece lots as a child,my sister is cypriot,my dream is to live in greece,realy it is.

i wonder,does greek bellydance differ alott from other types of bellydance,i remember greek dancing..and guys with tables in their mouths spinning round,that always amazed me so much.

I asked my partner the other day,can we please go to greece,he said of course we can,when we have saved enough so we don't have to come back:)

I bet you are a beautiful dancer,from my heart I wish you the very best,I live along way from london,I am saddened I cannot be there,but I cannot wait to hear all about it :)

love in dance

miss shimmy


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greek bellydance

hey miss shimmy,
glad to see there someone who likes greece as much as u do ..:D
as far as "greek bellydance" is concerned .. theres no such thing .. if i had the space, the patience and the time i would go into it more but i really do think, and im preety sure about it actually, that "belly dance" is of one sort.. there is no such thing as "greek", "british", "american","french" bellydance ....
now if ur talking about the "tsifteteli" dance ... thats not greek either ... its turkish .... and it has taken its name from the synonymous musical rhythm;)
shame ur too far to come over at the darbuqa venue .. where abouts are you in the UK ? i was a student in swansea for 3 yrs ... OUCH!:think:


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Kalimera Unaneyia

oh yes I have a huge love for Greece :)

I am in yorkshire,north east of the uk.
we are planning on moving south,but in God's timing,its taking longer than we expected.

thankyou for clearing up the dance thing :)



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Hello Habibti!

Hi Unaneyia! It's your pal from Canada! How are you! It's so good to hear you are going to London. I hope your ankle is doing better now. Take care!


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heyyyyyy oiiiiii girl!!!!!!!

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy how are youuuuuuuuu???????????????
wao couldnt imagine we'd find ourselves in here !!!!
HEY GIRLS this is my friend bonny from Canada ...we were together at the teachers' seminar in cairo held by mahmoud reda and farida fahmy ..
and watch out ..SHE IS GOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
a very special person~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh habibti, my ancle is not doing very well but who cares .. maybe i can be the first one-legged dancer HAHAHAAHAH
hey come join me :

chryssanthi sahar

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i wonder,does greek bellydance differ alott from other types of bellydance,i remember greek dancing..and guys with tables in their mouths spinning round,that always amazed me so much.
Dear Miss Shimmy.
If you are seriously interested in finding out about Greek belly dance (which is the Tsifteteli) and other Greek dances, just have a look also at this thread in the forum.
In case you have questions about the belly dance styles, it is better to post them in the sub forum "Dance styles". There you will find people who know a lot about the different belly dance styles (because THERE ARE many different styles, only in Greece this knowledge is still not spread enough)