phone number on website?


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I don't currently have a contact phone number up on my website and haven't done so for over 4 years now because basically I don't want to deal with creeps calling me at any hour of the day.

However, it makes more business sense to have a contact number, and not just an email address, in my contact information online - so I'm considering including my mobile number.

I'm wondering how many of you have opted to include/not include phone numbers - and those that have, have you found unwanted calls to be a problem??

Maybe I'm just being to paranoid...but I like my privacy!
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When I was more stationary - I did include a phone number in my ad's and never really had any problems with wierd phone calls.


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my mobile number is on the website,i switch it of at night ,and its ok no problems realy ,and if somebody is naughty i have his number because it comes up on the screen,so i think people think twice before before bad...its ok realy i think....


I used to have my phone number on my site and it never caused problems. Email is safer of course, but it's slower, by the time you have read the email, the gig can be gone (who is going to read their mail every minute?), so there are advantages and disadvantages on both.


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Thanks for the info ladies. Good to hear your experiences. I think I will be putting my number up soon!


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I have my mobile number on my website, and I have only ever had one crank call (from a giggling duo of young women at that), and so haven't found it to be a problem. I have found that a significant number of people prefer to call rather than do things via email - so you do risk missing out on gigs by not having a contact number.