Piercings and other jewelry


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Yay, I did it, I got my first ever piercings, through both nipples, what a very unusual experience, but the look is superb, I love it, and am glad I took the step.

Tattoo of a tribal scorpion next, planned for left shoulder blade.


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That's fine, I don't drive at the moment, though I did discover the seat belt effect in a friend's car the day after the piercing. My friends think I am mad, which I suppose would'nt be that far from the truth with what I do sometimes.


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Had to google it to see what that was but now I know. I like those! My friend has one and it looks gourgeous. I can't myself though because I have a beauty spot just under the lip so it would look weird to have a piercing-dot just above ;)


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I'm getting a Monroe piercing soon. Can't wait!
They look great, absolutely love them. Working with children though there's no point. I always wanted my nose pierced so I could have one of those beautiful connecting chains from the ear to nose. However I'm not sure a nose piercing would look good on my nose:confused:. so perhaps have to think about another area to adorn:D