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i havent been able (busy busy) to read a lot here. i'm trying to catch up on the discussions, and am finding it really hard cause posts seem to be moved around mid discussion, anyway, just wanted to say that that's really confusing.

i think sometimes it's normal that a thread develops into another topic, goes slightly of topic and comes back full circle again; that's the nature of disciussion. and isnt it ok to let that happen? if evertytime that happens, that a topic evolves, some posts get moved and other dont, it becomes really hard to follow...!!

just my 2cents



It should not happen if the topic goes off-topic, but it does happen when posts are in a total wrong spot. For example if there is a topic about Beauty and Fitness in the Lyrics forum.


Hi Artemisia,

There was one very active thread that literally had, I think, like 9 different topics going all at once. Each one of those topics was a conversation unto itself and so the thread got carved up. We (moderators) try to split it off into new topics immediately so that it doesn't end up feeling disjointed and hard to follow, but this one got away from us for a while. Sorry for the trouble.

What we are trying now is a new debate forum so that when threads, like for example the BDSS in Belgium thread, occur instead of trying to keep it on topic to move it to the debate forum where it can go where it will. We are going to try it out and see how it works...
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