Professional international bellydancer Yana Soklakova

Yana Soklakova- Russian professional international belly dance teacher, choreographer ,dancer , judge and also organiser of events. She is traveling with her workshops all over the world:Korea, Russia, Spain, Poland,Malaysia and others...She has got her unic style, where she mix Egyptian style and classic ballet movements, that is why her performance look elegant. She knows Egyptian, Lebanese styles. Yana was winner of many international festivals in Russia and Europe. 6 years she is having her own school students which is multi winners of different events.
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Dear friends,sponsors,organisers of events. Calendar season 2015-2016 of yana soklakova with her workshops,shows,judge is open. You can have job from yana as alone and also her with famous drummer for exluxive workshops. For more details you can contact to email, also to private message in her facebook page- and also watsapp,viber, line +34 615 917 242
Attention!!!! Now Yana Soklakova is living in Spain.
Best regards to everybody from yana with love.
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