question: 'add to xx's reputation'


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If a member has a topic that you realy like,you can add to their reputaion,I havnt used it,but I am gonna go try it on you now...he he he

miss shimmy
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:) :p


Hi Louise,

miss shimmy's got it. The scale icon accompanies every post a person makes, you can click that scale and choose I approve or I disapprove and add comment about the person's post if you like.


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I used it once and someone used it on me too (positive I guess, but there was no comment ;))

However all moderators have spectacular aura, only because they're moderators?? tsk tsk ;)


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ah thankies!

The next step for me is to understand the different rankings there are...

Ooo, I also found out we can see our points in our control panel....
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Ok Demelza, for your beautiful travel stories :)

Hm, I'm still curious what your pm was about?


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I've another question:
When 1 person had added to my reputation, I had 10 points total. Now someone else has added to my reputation too and I still have 10 points total. How does this points system work? How come it doesn't seem to change?