Raqas Masry(Male Egyptian dancer) from India/Mumbai


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Hi guys,

I am an amateur male Bellydancer from Mumbai, India.
I've been learning the art on my own for over a decade now; started with the American style of Bellydance and then moved to more Egyptian Raqs(emulating Randa Kamel, Sahar Samara, Aleya of Cairo, Leila Farid etc.)
In the past year, I got really serious about things and shed around 33 kgs :p
I am planning to take things professional w.r.t. dance.
No disrespect meant, but I can't find anyone in India who teaches Raqs the way Fifi Abdou or Tito would teach in Egypt.
I would love to induce people with some 'Urba'(Arabness) so that they can put 'Rooh wa Omr'(Soul and life) into their performance(although their repertoire of moves might be limited).

Any suggestions on how I might go about it?

Also, please check my video below: