raqia hassan DVDs europe


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Hi all,
anyone know where i can buy Raqia instructional dvds in Europe/ uk? The only vendors i have found so far are in the US, any help greatly appreciated!


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Why not order from America? I do it all the time. Most bellydance dvds are region free, or a good player will be region free. It's much cheaper and often almost as quick to order direct from websites such as Cheeky Girls and WDNY. Cheeky Girls often have promotions which you can find out about through following them on Facebook - and WDNY have free postage on International orders.


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Be very careful buying Raqia's DVDs -- I have heard many many complaints about how they play once and then stop playing, or won't play at all. The media she uses must be really bad and low-quality.

Whenever I buy them, I immediately make a back-up copy or two on my more expensive DVD media, and then I use one of those to work from. I have lost several Egyptian dvds because I didn't back them up, and I could just kick myself for that!!